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Quality and expertise, French style

Restaurants de France is an International Guide distinguishing French restaurants which are located abroad (outside France and its Overseas Territories) and adhere to our demanding Quality Charter – the foundation stone of our activity.

French chefs or chefs trained in French cuisine work in their establishments every day all over the world so that you can share their passion for the gastronomy of France and its internationally renowned recipes, products and special values.

They are thus exceptional Ambassadors of what, in France, represents a true Art of Living, classified as one of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Assets since 2010.

Restaurants de France is a recognition of their work and a guide enabling you to discover their establishments.

The Quality Charter

The 10 tenets of the Restaurants de France Charter

the Restaurants de France Quality Charter is attributed to restaurateurs and restaurants located abroad all or part of whose menus offer French recipes prepared using high quality products with professional expertise in a stylish environment.


At least 50% of the restaurant’s menu must be composed of French recipes, freely distributed among starters, main courses and desserts.


The dishes offered may be based on recipes which have been revisited and personalised by adding or removing secondary ingredients or being presented in a new way, but they must maintain the spirit of the original recipe.


The chef works mainly with the freshest possible raw and seasonal products which he transforms and cooks on the spot in the place where they are to be eaten.


The restaurant’s wine list offers a selection of red, white and rosé wines, at least 50% of which are produced from French grape varieties.


The restaurateur has introduced a purchasing policy enabling French groceries and deep frozen products to be used and offered, preferring fresh produce whenever possible.


At least one member of the kitchen staff must hold a professional diploma or certificate or have at least two years’ experience, demonstrating his or her professional culinary expertise.


At least one member of the dining-room staff must hold a professional diploma or certificate or at least two years’ experience in a service post.


The restaurant’s location, décor, fixtures and fittings, table arrangement, staff clothing, reception and service are of a professional standard and appropriate for a top quality clientele.


Cleanliness and hygiene in the kitchen, dining-room and wash-rooms are exemplary and in compliance with the standards and regulations in force in each country but also with French and European standards.


The dining-room staff must be capable of explaining the special features of the French recipes offered and of advising customers in their choice of dishes and wines.

Visual recognition

How to identify our member restaurants

Powerful visual tools have been created to enable you to identify the establishments chosen by Restaurants de France : at a glance: a sticker or a stylish brass or aluminium plaque, according to the restaurant’s choice, is displayed on the front of the premises for instant visibility.


Aluminium plaque

Brass plaque

Our member restaurants

The Restaurants de France Guide

Latest news

A look at the world

Death of Paul Bocuse, The French gastronomy loses his biggest representative

Death of Paul Bocuse, The French gastronomy loses his biggest representative

for Paul Bocuse:
« The good cooking, it is when we aise the lid, when that smokes, when that smells good and when we can serve again ».

French Gastronomy inscribed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

French Gastronomy inscribed in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

The UNESCO’s experts considered that the gastronomic meal of the French, with its rituals and presentation, fulfilled the conditions for joining the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity !

French cuisine, jewel of world gastronomy

French cuisine, jewel of world gastronomy

The French are proud of it : French cuisine is highly valued worldwide !
The evidence lies in the fact that Tokyo has the most Michelin-starred restaurants, but also the most French restaurants in a city abroad. Many Japanese chefs cook French ! Tokyo has an unsual love for our gastronomy. And the French word “restaurant” is used and understood in every country.

The harvest of wine in 2017

The harvest of wine in 2017

Hard farmer’s life in 2017…
We know well that the wine is an essential element in the French gastrono-my, but this year there were some small misadventures for our friends wine growers.


What Restaurants de France does

Restaurants de Franceis well aware of the apprenticeship challenges facing French cuisine if it is to continue to shine and innovate and will invest in professional training every year through patronage.

Restaurants de France is determined to facilitate the training of chefs and future chefs in France and to assist their international mobility so that French cuisine can thrive and benefit from contact with other cultures.

Restaurants de France hopes thus to support people who have far-reaching dreams. All its actions are reported on the website