Death of Paul Bocuse, The French gastronomy loses his biggest representative

Death of Paul Bocuse, The French gastronomy loses his biggest representative

Paul Bocuse belongs to a dynasty of cooks which goes back to the XVIIIth century. Born on February 11th, 1926 to Collonges-au-Mont d’Or, in the same house as he lives until he dies.

He dedicates all his life to the French gastronomy.

Entered apprenticed at 16 year old in Lyon, he pursues after the war his training at Eugénie Brazier, first woman triply studed in 1933. She inculcates him the rigor ; « Well do a work does not take more time than to hurt it », says.

He obtains then his first one Michelin-starred in 1958. He transforms the family inn renamed l’Auberge du Pont which becomes a temple of the French gastronomy. Then elected Meilleur Ouvrier de France in 1961.

With his three stars conquered from 1965 “Mr Paul” was considered as one most big Head Chef to the world, one of the most famous, of the most appreciated. First Head Chef to enter the museum Grévin. And dedicated ” Head of the century ” in 2011 by the American Culinary Institute of New York.

“Mr Paul” defined himself as  « a follower of the traditional kitchen » which  «  likes the butter, the cream, the wine” and not “peas cut in four ».

We stream for the whole world to taste its fattened chicken half-mourning, its cheese-topped dish of tails of crawfishes, or his soup VGE creates in 1975 for the delivery of his Legion of Honor at the Elysée by the president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing.

Barded by titles and by honors, he gets involved in several other actions. Training particularly means a lot to him, he creates the Paul Bocuse institute d’Ecully (Rhône), which prepares for hotel businesses, of the Restoration and the Arts of cooking. Bocuse liked transmitting the « taste of the good work ».

He creates the international competition of “Bocuse d’ Or” in 1987 which establishes a real springboard for young heads.

From 1960 he travels to Europe, Japan or still in the United States. He is a precursor who returns from his journeys of some recipes that he declines and adapts in his restaurants. For him « The kitchen it is the peace in the world ».

Thanks to about twenty restaurants in France and abroad (eight brasseries in Japan, restaurants in Florida or in Shanghai), apartment hotel, the exploitation of by-products… Paul Bocuse builds an empire generating more than 50 million euros of turnover.

Paul Bocuse it is also a strong personality with a robust sense of humor a comedian fond of one-liners.

President of the République Emmanuel Macron so greets him:

« His alone name summarized the French gastronomy in its generosity, his respect for the traditions but also its inventiveness. (…) Of him will stay the example of an undisputed and generous master, allying the biggest requirement and the simplest humanity ».

With such a route for Paul Bocuse:

« The good cooking, it is when we aise the lid, when that smokes, when that smells good and when we can serve again ».