NOTICE : Restaurants de France® FRANCE is a guide to French restaurants located abroad.

Restaurants located in France or in the French Overseas Territories cannot become members of Restaurants de France, be listed on its website or benefit from its visibility tools.


The members of Restaurants de France are called Restaurateurs. Whether French or foreigners trained in French cuisine, they adhere to a demanding Quality Charter which concerns the products and recipes they use, the operation of their kitchens, their service and their décor.

Web surfers
Users of the website Restaurants de France are called web surfers. They may be travellers preparing a trip, regular customers who can find a top-quality French restaurant thanks to the stickers and plaques created by Restaurants de France (view them on the website, French people living abroad or simply lovers of French cuisine seeking French restaurants which adopt the best industry practices.

Can I obtain price reductions or special tariffs?

The objective of the Restaurants de France guide is to promote restaurateurs who work hard every day to satisfy their customers. Restaurants de France is not designed and does not wish to ask its members for reductions or special menus.

Pour vous Restaurateurs

Restaurants de France appreciates you and highlights the efforts you make every day to respect French cuisine and adapt it to the country you have chosen, with all the difficulties that implies.

For Web Surfers
Restaurants de France is a genuine and reliable guide which enables you to find committed professionals who fly the flag of French cuisine.

Can I leave an opinion about a restaurant or report a problem?

Restaurants de France  is not a directory of restaurants and therefore does not collect your opinions. Many directories do this and some of them include restaurants which are members of Restaurants de France.

Conversely, you can contact us through the website or by email at if you want to suggest the inclusion of a French restaurant abroad which you like or tell us about a problem. If you have experienced substantial malfunctions, you can report them to us, giving as many details as possible. Evidence of your meal must be included with your message, giving the date and the name of the restaurant (till receipt, bill, etc.).

For Restaurateurs
Restaurants de France is keen to promote your qualities and your work. If a problem should arise, the discussion would be discreet and committed.

For Web Surfers
You can rest assured that your messages will be handled with care and as matters of importance.

Are the restaurants monitored?

All the restaurants which are members of Restaurants de France have signed the Quality Charter, thus undertaking to adopt all the principles it imposes. They will have to sign it every year if they wish to remain in the Restaurants de France guide. This is an ethical commitment, Restaurants de France emphasising the great importance of trust.

However, for reasons of fairness and honesty, restaurateurs are not given advance notice of the check, which will be carried out in the member restaurants. If a restaurateur does not fulfil one of the points in the Quality Charter he will be given a date by which to conform, after which he will lose his status if the necessary changes have not been made. If the restaurateur fails to fulfil several of the Charter’s principles, he may be removed from the guide immediately and definitively.

For Restaurateurs
It guarantees that your efforts are rewarded, recognised and visible to all.

For Web Surfers
It guarantees that you will be able to choose a restaurateur who takes great pride in his work, in accordance with the standards of French cuisine and the customer’s expectations.

How to find out whether a French restaurant abroad is a member RESTAURANTS DE FRANCE?

Nothing could be simpler. The website is at your disposal with a search engine enabling you to identify them by Name, Country and City or by simple geo-localisation where you are.

You can recognise them at a glance on the spot from the sticker and/or the brass, aluminium or plexiglass plaque they display on their façade.

You can view the sticker and the plaques under the heading THE CHARTER on the website.

For Restaurateurs
Restaurants de France enables web surfers to identify and find you, thus bringing in new customers. For your regular customers, Restaurants de France highlights its appreciation of your work.

For Web Surfers
Restaurants de France offers you the opportunity of finding new French restaurants in the country where you live or while you are travelling or on holiday, calmly and with the assurance of having an enjoyable and “truly French” experience.

What is the RESTAURANTS DE FRANCE Quality Charter?

The Restaurants de France Quality Charter sets out the ten key principles which make it possible to guarantee good practices in both the kitchen and the dining-room, practices which fulfil the requirements of French cuisine.

For Restaurateurs
The Restaurants de France Quality Charter shows web surfers and your customers the constraints you confront and the requirements you fulfil every day, thus demonstrating your work and your unconditional commitment.

For Web Surfers
The Restaurants de France Quality Charter enables you to measure the quality of a French restaurant located abroad. It sets strict culinary standards regarding the choice of products and the execution of recipes, as well as the quality of the service in the dining-room and the attention paid to the décor and table arrangements.

Needless to say, each Restaurateur develops his or her own identity and specialities while guaranteeing and representing the living and constantly evolving art of modern French cuisine.

For whom is RESTAURANTS DE FRANCE intended?

Restaurants de France is designed for two mutually essential and inseparable groups of users:

For Restaurateurs
Wherever you are in the world, Restaurants de France promotes your work and your efforts to respect the standards and values of French cuisine. Whether you are pre-selected or sponsored, you become a member of Restaurants de France by signing the Restaurants de France Quality Charter if you adhere to the ten principles it enshrines.

Web surfers
Restaurants de France is your guarantee of a successful visit to a French restaurant and the fulfilment of your legitimate expectations. Restaurants de France enables you to identify its restaurants easily by searching the website and to recognise them at a glance using our visibility tools (the sticker and/or top-quality plaque displayed on their façades).