The harvest of wine in 2017

The harvest of wine in 2017

Hard farmer’s life in 2017…

We know well that the wine is an essential element in the French gastronomy, but this year there were some small misadventures for our friends wine growers.

A problem … Solutions !

The highest authority announces that for year 2017 the French wine growers will see their harvests falling with 18 % compared with the last year. Causes the climatic hazards and particularly the spring frost which destroyed a good many of buds. Wines for brandies, as the Cognac, should be the most penalized.

Some resorted to surprising strategies, as flashes in the pan between the rows of vineyards or the flying in helicopter to brew the hot air.

Jérôme Despey, wine grower and specialized president of council wine France AgriMer is afraid that 2017 is ” the smallest harvest since 1945 « .


There is for whom everything goes well

However, this small climatic pip has no same consequences in all the regions of France. For the fortunate of the Champagne, the Burgundy or still Val de Loire, they will see their harvests increasing with regard to the exercise of 2016. Nevertheless these regions did not escape the frost but the remaining clusters are of beautiful quality.


Premature grape harvest

Furthermore, the vineyards of the southeast, Corsica, Languedoc and Beaujolais were impacted by the frost too but the heat wave and the drought arrived later had for consequence to move forward the first grape harvests from 10 to 15 days.

Thus the vintage 2017 is going to distance itself by the qualitative and not quantitative aspect!


And the question of the price then?

Its said that the prices could increase from 3 to 5 euros.

An increase which will justify itself thanks to the quality of the product.

Some producers echo of an exceptional quality and a vintage wine which could make history.


And on the export, where are we?

We register an increase of the turnover(sales) in the 1,2 % export in 2016.

France reaches a record of export with a 11,9 billion euro amount, towards China and the United States mainly. Which places the export of wines and spirits between the sectors of the aeronautics and that of the flavors and the cosmetics…

Among the French jewels thus.